300 mA Rotating Anode Tube

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Rotating Anode X-ray Tube
1. Rotating anode X-ray tube for the purpose of general diagnostic X-ray procedures.
2. Specially processed Tungsten faced molybdenum target of 74 mm diameter.
3. This tube has foci 1.0 and 2.0, and is available for a maximum tube voltage 125 kV.       
4. Kailong product version adheres to IEC standards.

Application- General Radiography
High Voltage Generator: Constant Potential High-Voltage Generator
Grounding: Center-grounded
Nominal X-ray Tube Voltage (IEC60613:2010):
Radiographic: 125 kV
Fluoroscopic: 125 kV
Nominal Focal Spot Value (IEC60336:2005):
Large Focus: 2.0
Small Focus: 1.0
Nominal Anode Input Power (at 0.1s) :
50 Hz 60 Hz
Large Focus: 43 kW 47 kW
Small Focus: 21 kW 22 kW
Overall Length: 250 mm
Maximum Diameter: 108 mm
Anode Angle: 16 degrees
Diameter: 74 mm
Inherent Filtration: At least 0.7 mm Al at 75 kV
Weight (Approx.): 1.4 kg
Cooling Method: Oil immersed (80°C Max.) and convection oil cool
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