Proper ways of using TLD Badge in Diagnostic Radiology

Proper ways of using TLD Badge in Diagnostic Radiology

Safety Protocols

1.What is TLD Badge ?

TLD Badge is a radiation dose measuring device. This enables us to know whether we are working within the safe dose limits prescribed by AERB.


2.Use TLD with Cassette

Loading TLD card in the cassette

3.Wear TLDs below Lead Apron


4. Store TLD- Where ?

Personnel TLD is to be properly stored when not working with radiation.

5.Change your TLD card every monitoring period

Change your TLD cards every monitoring period (e.g. Quarterly) and return used TLD cards to Laboratory for dose assessment.

If TLD fell/left in X-Ray room, and got accidentally exposed, report immediately to the lab and send it for processing.

Useful Information

Dose limits of Occupational Exposure (AERB Directive)

Effective Dose 20 mSv in a year averaged over a period of 5 years.

Annual equivalent dose in the

Lens of the eye

150 mSv



500 mSv


Hands & Feet

500 mSv


 Radiation Warning Placard to be pasted outside Medical X-ray Installation

Issued by:


(Government of India)

Niyamak Bhavan, Anushaktinagar