Portable X-Ray Machine - Affordable | Popular | Powerful

Portable X-Ray Machine - Affordable | Popular | Powerful

Portable X Ray Machine

Portable X-ray machines are becoming more in demand as patients, especially new generation are now opting to have X-rays taken at home. In-home X-ray services help patients, especially those in critical health conditions, avoid difficult and potentially dangerous trips to hospitals. There are also other patients who wish to be treated at home, out of familiarity and convenience.


In hospitals, portable X-ray machine has been available for some time. They have been used to perform exams on patients that cannot be easily transported to the radiology department. Such patients are those with significant illnesses, the elderly, those being treated for serious injuries in the emergency room, or patients that are undergoing various surgical procedures in the operating room.


An in-home X-ray service requires a doctor’s prescription. A portable X-ray device must be brought to the patient’s house, along with a trained and certified technician. This is to ensure that a quality exam is taken, while also protecting other people from unwanted exposure. For this level of service.


Portable X-ray machines can take less than 20 minutes. Some companies may even be able to transmit X-ray images to a radiologist digitally. This allows for immediate diagnosis and the start of treatment. Consequently, digital imaging systems have taken the place of the old plain film radiography, where the films were developed by an automatic processor, using chemicals and a darkroom similar to what is used to develop regular film photographs.


As the portable X-ray market grows, AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) rules for radiation protection must be followed. You want to make sure that the technologist who’s acquiring the images is appropriately trained and qualified. There need to be appropriate precautions so that other people in the house are not exposed.

Drawbacks of traditional film X-rays are

 Delayed diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans

Expensive monthly maintenance

Loss of time retaking radiographs, once the film is developed and finding positioning & technique was not accurate

Unexplained poor development of film requiring retakes

Benefits of Digital X Ray Machine

Real-time X-ray- Radiograph examination results can be seen and reviewed instantly within a few minutes.

Eliminate the use, storage, and disposal of harmful chemicals.

Use of imaging software that can improve the radiograph contrast to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis.

Enhance the level of care for patients.

Easy sharing with consulting radiologists for difficult cases.

Decrease radiation exposure to patients and personnel.

Improve radiographic quality.

Increase efficiency.